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Pinning Your Purpose

We are all given one life and one chance to do some incredible things. A lot of times, especially when we are younger (and even when we are older!) we have no idea what those things are or how to achieve them. What is encouraging is that, with a lot of hard work, we can be whatever we desire to be! There are so many options to choose from when picking a major and a career, as well as many voices trying to help us make a choice. This process can be quite overwhelming. Let’s lay out some ways to navigate the best options for you.

I firmly believe we all have innate passions, things that we are internally passionate about. What makes your ears perk up? When I was trying to decide on a major my first year of college, my older brother asked me, “What is a subject that you can read a whole textbook about and not lose interest?” Some of us are interested in learning about how the body works, and others find figuring out numbers or writing poetry more fascinating. Pair what interests you with what you are good at or somewhat gifted in, and explore it further. Often, what we are passionate about are things that would make for a good career.

While exploring your interests, a great way to further pinpoint the best fit for you is to have conversations with those you trust and explore those interests alongside of your strengths. Talking with those who know you best can help you determine your strengths and different careers fields at which you would be good. Alongside that, going out and shadowing or observing in specific career fields can help you determine if you would thoroughly enjoy it.

Whether it be a career or a major, there are many resources out there for you to utilize to help make your decision. Career tests such as MyPlan or JobQuiz, are a valuable tool for exploring different options. While a career test may not tell you exactly what your future holds, it can definitely help you narrow down the fields that would be a good fit for you.

Alongside these tests, making a list of your options is an important step in pursuing those passions. Making lists will help you organize your thoughts and steps throughout the process. Plus, who doesn’t love crossing something off a “todo” list!

Exploring job boards will show you what is available and in demand. Indeed, Monster Jobs, or LinkedIn are job boards that will help you see what is available in the job market. There are many unique jobs out there that you may only find in job boards. Job boards are especially helpful in informing you of the requirements such as degree and experience employers are looking for in a potential hire. With your list of passions, results from a few career tests, and exploring the careers the world has to offer, you are bound to find a career that will bring you joy and fulfill your purpose.

Our world has changed from the 40 year career that was expected 30 years ago. Nowadays it is common practice to switch your career and explore other options several times throughout one’s working career. One thing that may help you decide if your current career is a good fit for you is how content you are while doing your job. For example, prior to being a Success Coach, I was working in the health field. While I do love the health industry, I was constantly thinking there must be something better for me. During the week, I was drained from traveling all the time with my company and felt I was missing out on so many things back home. Thankfully, I landed a position as a Success Coach with Lumerit Education and fell in love with helping students obtain their degree with no debt. My new position also allowed me to be more present at home and pursue my passion as a singer-songwriter as well. Having a rewarding job that fits with my desired lifestyle and principles proved to me that I was in the right career.

Whether you know exactly what you want to be or not, taking steps to figure out exactly what your passion is and which career would be the best fit for you will help you be more efficient in working towards your educational goals.

Action Plan to Pinning Your Purpose:

1). Make a list of your interests and a list of your results from career and personality tests

2). Discuss your strengths and results with those close to you

3). Shadow and talk to those in your desired career

4). Search job boards for job ideas related to your interests and see what educational requirements are listed

I hope this helps you further pin point your purpose that God has for you and that you pursue it passionately!

<3 Megan Ashley


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